Canadian Expansion for US Based Companies

  • The Canadian market is an important yet often overlooked one for US companies.
  • By focusing on Canada and investing north of the border US companies can increase their revenues by 15-20%. That’s a huge difference come year-end.
  • If you have a handful of Canadian customers its time to focus on setting up a Canadian infrastructure, Canadian resellers and establishing a Canadian distribution network
  • Many US companies believe that they can effectively sell into Canada from the United States. This simply is not true as typically the Canadian market gets little to no attention yet the Toronto area alone is a $330 Billion dollars/year economy and North America’s 4th largest city!
  • The Canadian economy is $1.9 Trillion/year in size and larger than the Greater New York City Area economy that is $1.6 Trillion/year!
  • The timing is now to start focusing on Canada!