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Expand to the US and Canada Today with Sandstorm.

At Record Speed

When US and Canadian expansion is a must, and when waiting is not an option, our proven partner channel sales and development approach will accelerate your success from a measurement of weeks instead of months or years


Partner with our accomplished team of sales and marketing professionals to work as an extension of your organization in the largest market in the world and with our knowledgeable staff, established offices, and existing infrastructure you hit the ground running and do not have to invest the time, money, and effort in securing office space, equipment, or hiring employees

And Minimal Cost

“We are very capable, know the US and Canadian markets extremely well and we have been successfully selling into the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 in both the US and Canada for over 25 years. We do things right the first time and this ensures your costs are kept to an absolute minimum.”

– Sean Beauchamp, VP of Marketing

About Us

With Offices in New York City and Ottawa, Sandstorm is a leading sales and marketing company that is 100% focused on creating successful US and Canadian reseller networks and generating opportunities for our customers.  All of our people are seasoned sales professionals and we extensively use industry databases along with many of the leading social media platforms to accelerate our results.  We’ve been successful in delivering these services to our customers now for over 13 years since we’ve been helping companies successfully expand into the US and Canada.

Management Team:

Managing Partner – Walter Caon


  • Walter has over 25 years of experience and success in managing, marketing, and selling for U.S. based technology companies
  • A history of managing major campaigns and deals including a mix of technology, hardware, software, and professional services into the Global 1000
  • Excelled in senior management positions with IBM, AT&T, Wang Labs, Peregrine, and Motorola
  • A solid understanding of leading Marketing and Selling methodologies proven effective for highly complex solutions
  • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA.
  • Fluent in three languages including English, French, and Italian.

Managing Partner – Sean Beauchamp


  • Sean has 20 Years of Sales/Management Experience with:

–  IBM – Senior Sales Executive

–  LGS – Senior Sales Executive

–  IONA Technologies – Sales Executive

–  Computer Associates – Sales Executive

–  Information Builders / iWay – Sales Executive

–  Sandstorm Technologies – Founder and Managing Partner

  • A proven expert in selling large complex technology solutions to the Global 1000
  • History of successfully managing sales teams and multi-million dollar sales efforts
  • Has closed multi-million dollar deals with every company above
  • Proven ability to manage a sales team to effectively generate sales results
  • H. Bachelor of Commerce Degree – McMaster University

Approach & Benefits


We have an exceptional sales and marketing team that will help you drive significant sales and build a quality partner channel and associated sales funnel in the US and Canada. We have consistently helped leading global technology vendors set-up profitable operations and expand their businesses through the Americas and we’re looking forward to building a custom partner and sales program to meet your short and long-term sales objectives.

First, we help you sell your solution then we assist you with every aspect of delivery through implementation, support, as well as ongoing customer account management.  This means that once you get those important initial customers we’ll help you keep them and increase your sales to your new install base while at the same time continuing to gain new clients through a customized partner and sales program specifically tailored to meet your expansion needs.

Specifically, we focus on:

  • Setting-up your US and Canadian Infrastructure
  • Setting-up your US and Canadian Based Resellers and Partners
  • Reference Selling
  • Account Targeting, Vertical Market Targeting, and Direct Selling
  • Concerted and Ongoing Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Focused and Ongoing Marketing Campaigns
  • Strategic Press Release Execution
  • Events Planning and Trade Show Participation
  • Targeted Analyst Approach
  • Generating Qualified Leads and Opportunities on an Ongoing Basis
  • Engaging in Face-to-Face Sales Calls
  • OEM and ISV Opportunities
  • Building a Healthy Sales Funnel
  • WebEx and GoToMeeting Sessions
  • Face-to-Face Sales Meetings, Demos, Conference Calls, and Presentations
  • Closing Business and Increasing Sales

We look, feel, and act like an extension of your organization through all aspects of our business dealings on your behalf.  We carry your business cards, answer the phone with your company name, and use your corporate email accounts for all correspondence.  We are for all intensive purposes your eyes, feet, and ears, in the US and Canada.


Benefits of expanding to the US and Canada with Sandstorm Include:

  • An extremely capable sales and marketing force at a fraction of the cost
  • Accelerated development of your US and Canadian partner network as we have thousands of partner contacts
  • Accelerated sales as we have thousands of contacts, long-term relationships, and excellent customer databases
  • A significantly lower investment when compared to opening your own office and hiring your own people
  • Industry leading marketing, roll-out, and technical support as well as sales capabilities.
  • An interim step to opening your own office, Sandstorm enables you to “test the water before jumping-in”
  • Proven success in marketing and selling to the Fortune 500 and Global 1000
  • Proven success in establishing OEM and ISV opportunities
  • Proven success in identifying and presenting M&A opportunities

  • Even though it may be six months to a couple of years before you are ready for US and Canadian expansion, Sandstorm Advisory Services makes sure you consider this market with every major decision you, your management team, the board of directors, and your product team make.
  • We can help ensure your future success in both the US and Canada through sitting-in on board meetings, important product discussions, funding decisions, and strategic management meetings.
  • We are your Trusted Advisors helping you prepare well in advance so when you are ready to expand to the US and Canada everything is in place to ensure success



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